Math Junkie (naturalborn) wrote,
Math Junkie


I just watched a bunch of episodes of the second season of the show 24.

Man, what a piece of excrement that thing is.

Soap opera style plot and dialogue. No flow of conversation, confrontational statements with no motivation other than to build drama. Moronic characters who don't show the slightest wiff of common sense if it would get in the way of the preplanned plot. Technobabble comparable to what you'd see on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

But the worst part is what a nauseating propoganda piece the whole thing is. Military intelligence is always perfectly accurate, even if it's completely lacking in specifics. Terrorists are about to bomb the united states in a well-orchestrated well-funded attack. If you have the slightest suspicion that someone you know might be a terorrist, they're clearly guilty and you're perfectly justified in completely freaking out. The counter-terrorist agencies are completely on the ball. The president is in charge and highly competent. Torturing people always gets perfectly accurate information out of them. It's okay for law enforcement to kill a bunch of people if they think there's an emergency.

The product placement for Fox news is a nice touch. It puts everything in context.
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